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Fire Escape Equipment

Fire Escape Ladders


Ø  Fixed Fire Escape Ladders
Amigo Fire Escape Ladder
  • Permanently fitted underneath the windows
  • Galvanised chain with a guaranteed breaking strain in excess of 2000kg
  • Rung width: 305mm
  • Handhold on the top rung to aid exit through the window opening
  • Ideal for multi storey use, offices and flats
Modum Fold-out Fire Escape Ladder
  •  Multiple lengths can be created due to the modular design of the ladder
  • The closed profile of this ladder is only 3” making it no more obtrusive than down pipe
  • It is a permanently fitted, fold-out escape ladder

Ø  Portable Fire Escape Ladders
Escape Fire Escape Ladder
  • Available lengths: 15ft, 25ft, 45ft
  • Different hook sizes available
  • Used for most windows with a straight drop

Fire Escape Hoods
Poisonous fumes are the most common cause of fire related deaths. Fire escape hoods allow you an extra 15 minutes to evacuate the building in the case of a fire. Infast Fire Protection can help advise the type of fire escape hood best suited to your situation to increase your chances of survival if a fire were to break out.